How to use the Bodega Bag


A+ product. Placed well-made Bodega bag backpack in cart, quickly cinched up 7 bags of groceries and drove home. The clever Bodega bag allowed me to replace the usual 3 trips upstairs, painstakingly juggling all the ill-packed bags, with just one carefree trip. I highly recommend this hassle free, expeditious answer to the traditional time-wasting struggle of carrying home all the family's goodies!


This is indispensable if you shop for groceries!! Well made, easy to use. It enabled me to carry in large shopping order in 2 trips (usually took at least 4). Best part I could still hold my granddaughter's hand!!



Absolutely love my bodega bag! The bodega bag makes bringing in my grocery a breeze. No more marks all over my wrist from trying to carry bags upstairs. Definitely recommend this quality convenient product!


Very well designed. This product should serve as a carrier for other items as well.


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